Maria A. Listur

Born in Argentina in 1964. She attends the“Facultad de Artes” of the Univ. Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. In 1991 she moves to Europe where she keeps researching among the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields relating paint, sound, writing and movement.



Paris, France – LIGHT-WALK – Monthly at AGITAKT

Rome, Italy – PENSARE IL CORPO – Workshop on creative and corporal research – Facilitator


Reggio Emilia, Italy – RODARI Reloaded with and by Laura Pazzaglia – Artistic Coordination at Reggio Narra – Loris Malaguzzi International Center

Reggio Emilia, Italy – POWER OF ART – Conception

Paris, France – CATALOGUE Tracer l’éphèmere and Tracce d’effimero (Tracing the Ephemeral and Traces of Ephemeral) – MD’art Ed.

Paris, France – LIGHT-WALK – Monthly at AGITAKT

Rome, Gubbio, Paris – PENSARE IL CORPO – Workshop on creative and corporal research – Facilitator


Paris, France – November 11, 2016, TRACER L’ÉPHÈMÈRE, en attendant Pascal Quignard – Performance Gutai-Butoh and Expo Art Gutai, Homage to all the dead for France

Rome, Gubbio, Paris – PENSARE IL CORPO – Workshop on creative and corporal research – Facilitator


Reggio Emilia, Italy – Performance SACRE VOCI – with Laura Pazzaglia

Rome, Italy – Horatio’s Dream – short film by Michele Truglio, Maria A. Listur and Daniela Ciotola

Hollywood, Los Angeles Giuseppe Verdi by Emanuela Morozzi – Film – Writer

Tokyo, Japan – Viaggio Verticale nel Tempo con Keiko Kitagawa (Vertical Time Travel with Keiko Kitagawa) – interview for the Tv network NHK BS Premium


Rome, Italy – Giuseppe Verdi by Emanuela Morozzi – Film – Writer

Sicily, Italy – Performance IL SOGNO – with Paolo Fresu

Tokyo, Japan – Contemporary art expo Hosu: Aile – Fashion Toiles


Siena, San Gimignano, Italy – Contemporary art expo: GestAzioni (GestAction): Exhibition of circular canvases. Mixed techniques: acrylic and plaster

Genova, Italy – Galata Museo: Omaggio a Hokusai (Homage to Hokusai): Circular canvas “Dentro l’Onda” – Collective exhibition


Rome, Italy – Teatro Keiros: Mac-Beth by W. Shakespeare – Adaptation Director Actress

Rome, Italy – Teatro Keiros: 72 canti I-II-III (72 chants): Voice Maria A. Listur – Music by G. Policardo


Paris, France – Mélia Vendôme Hotel: Sideral – Personal Exposition: 33 circular canvases


Rome, Italy – Galleria Rilievi: SoWeArt: Free exhibition of Visual Arts

Rome, Italy – Fonderia delle Arti: Planets & Cells / Footprints: Exhibition of circular canvases of different diameters. Mixed techniques: acrylic, stones, plaster, gold and silver dust

Rome, Italy – Complesso Santa Maria al Quirinale: Sguardo sulla realtà e oltre (A Glance Over Reality and Beyond): Collective exhibition

Rome, Italy – Fonderia delle Arti: Festa di relazion@rte: Performances – Exhibition


Milan, Italy – Spazio Oberdan: Las Americas Latinas – Las Fatigas del Querer (The Latin Americans – The Fatigue of Desire): Collective exhibition


Rome, Italy: Fiorire Appassendo (To Blossom while Withering): Japanese Ink for the book written by Valerio Caddedu “Elettra”

Rome, Italy – Galleria L’Acquario: Intimità (Intimacy): Canvases in mixed techniques: wood, metal, sand, stones

2007 – 2006

Rome, Buenos Aires: “Maria de Los Angeles”: Book not printed yet


Buenos Aires, Argentina – Centro Cultural Recoleta: TRAPOS Y QUIMERAS:  Performance, Music, Video


Rome, Italy: Agradecida: CD – Traditional South-American themes in Spanish and Portuguese


Rome, Italy: La Ferita (The Wound): Book with texts and paintings

Rome, Italy – Teatro Furio Camillo: ‘kjara: Performative Exhibition

2001 – 2002

Canada – St. Norbert Arts Centre and the Univ. of Manitoba: Sounds  Colours  Migrancy:  Workshop and Conference on the interdisciplinarity among Colour and Sound – Teacher

Rome, Sassari, Italy – Theatres Greco and Verdi: i AM LET On: The Fury: Performative Exhibition


Rome, Italy – Libreria delle Donne: Il Segno e la Luce

(The Sign and The Light): 25 Elements in seaweed paper and tempera

Rome, Naples, Festival of Benevento, Italy – Theatres: Phaedra’s love by Sarah Kane: Actress, Phaedra


Manitoba, Canada – Private collection: El Laberinto (The Labyrinth): 5 Elements on brown paper, acrylic and tempera

1997 – 1998

Rome, Udine, Italy – Asunción, Paraguay – Theatres and Universities: ConCerto Borges: Music Voice


Siena, Italy – Spazio 0: Le Acque (The Waters): 12 Elements in seaweed paper, oil and tempera

1994 – 1996

Rome, Saint Petersburg, Berlin – Protei Project: Performances with Antonin Vassiliev Method – Actress


Perugia, Italy: Il Cerchio (The Ring): 9 Elements in mixed technique